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Giovanni Nigro is a Pediatrician specialized in Infectious Diseases, Pediatrics and Gastroenterology, who started since 1980 to take care of infants with congenital cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection, both by clinical and laboratory examinations. Antiviral therapy was started in 1988 with intravenous ganciclovir and in 1991 with foscarnet. Although the results were encouraging, it was clear that the treatment needed a duration longer than that allowed by the intravenous administration.
Because some disabilities (i.e. cerebral malformations, deafness) were irreversible, to make an early diagnosis of CMV infection (mostly primary) in pregnancy, in 1989 pregnant women with CMV infection were also followed in the Obstetrical Institute of Sapienza University in Rome. Following the favorable outcome after hyperimmune globulin (HIG) of a twin fetus with CMV infection and severe intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR), a prospective, controlled, multi-center study was performed and the results for prevention of mother-to-infant XMV transmission and, mostly, the severe consequences of the fetal infection, were published in New England Journal of Medicine, 2005. Other studies followed and confirmed the initial favorable results.

A recent story

Adesso che è trascorso qualche mese, sento finalmente di raccontare la nostra storia. Voglio condividere la mia esperienza per informare e sensibilizzare quante più persone su un nemico purtoppo poco conosciuto e, soprattutto, per dare speranza a chi in questo momento lo sta affrontando. Al quinto mese della mia gravidanza ho contratto il citomegalovirus. Sapevo sin dall’inizio della gravidanza di non averlo mai avuto e quindi stavo molto attenta. Considerate… Read more… “La storia di Giusy”

My name is Fiammetta from Milan (Italy): In June 2018, I became pregnant wishing to give a sister to my first son, as confirmed by a fetal DNA test. My dream was close to be realized! But on September 24, I was told to be positive to anti-CMV IgM and IgG, and the avidity of IgG was very low. Although the meaning of these results was ignored by me, I… Read more… “Flavia’s happy ending story”

I discovered to have acquired a primary CMV infection. I and my husband were informed about the serious risk of damages to the fetus, that no treatments were available and that we hade the choice between an abortion within week 12 or continue the pregnancy doing ultrasounds and amniocentesis at week 20 to evaluate if  CMV has been transmitted. After deep thoughts we decided to go ahead and by internet… Read more… “The story of Francesca and Matilde”

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